Vilify – Taking away Montreal’s Dubstep Scene (Feature)

Jen Carmichael, a.k.a DJ Vilify, is destroying the dubstep scene in Montreal. Being the founder of Bass Drive Wednsedays @ Le Belmont brought her the title of Best Club Night in Montreal. The fact that her music is so mixed, going from drum/bass to dubstep to jungle, you just never know what to expect from such a talented artist. Vilify shows us how much she loves every single style of music, meshing dubstep, drum/bass or jungle to a variety of music genres, from raggae to metal. Who would have thought of that?

Vilify means business, and she’s been opening up for major dubstep/electro acts that have been happenin’ in Montreal, such as Rusko twice, Borgore twice, Bassnectar, Datsik, Excision and much more. Her level of popularity is reaching new heights, even getting the title of 3rd best DJ in Montreal @ Red Bull Threestyles last month.

Basically guys, Jen Carmichael is getting bigger and bigger, and you guys better look for her internationally soon enough because the woman will explode and you won’t know what’s going to be coming at you.

Out of Doubt is one of Vilify‘s most recent tracks, so check it out and be blown away by her skill on a DJ set.

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Written by ccourtois

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