Max Trax – Artist Spotlight

Max Trax, a half-russian, half-french artist who lives in Montreal since 1993. He’s been in the music scene 2000, loving Electronic music and in 2003 mainly listening to Psytrance and Trance music. He discovered the underground world of raves in 2004 when he went back in France, and met a couple of people who helped him motivate him to start his career: Epileptik records, Teknomad sound system, etc.

He’s been playing his style of electronic music at different residences in Montreal, such as Klink & Bar Passeport, but the European native wants to try to get his stuff on lockdown, and grow in popularity. With his crew Overloud Events, he’s left to Europe to get new contacts in order to spread his music around the world. Take a look at his preview of his Progressive Techno mix, and help the spread the word of this up-and-coming artist.

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Written by ccourtois

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