10 Best Oscar Gowns Of Our Generation

The time has finally arrived – the 85th annual Academy Award. It is an occasion for the greatest names of fashion to prove their brilliance. Since the awards isn’t till tonight and we can’t stop thinking of what the gorgeous nominees will be sporting, I have compiled a list of the top 10 women who have made fashion history on this night in the past. Let me tell you, this was not an easy task as year after year there is more then one winner in the best-dressed category.

Angelina Jolie (2012)

The list wouldn’t be complete with Ms. Jolie! Angelina has made Oscar history wearing nothing but an all black dress whilst holding her kissy brother’s hand. But, Angie also blew us away with her undeniable beauty and grace (despite all the hooplah about her flashing that ‘leg’). She first wowed the audience in 2004 in a satin white dress which worked so well with her olive complexion. However, I have to say, last year she over-did herself and defiantly brought “sexy back.” She wore a black, velvet, thigh split Versace gown and was certainly a vision. Everyone was talking about Angie’s right leg the next day- proving that a 37 year old with six children has still got it.

Meryl Streep (2010)

While talking about older women who have still got: Meryl Streep cannot be overlooked. In 2010, she sported a Chris March, alum of Project Runway, desgin. The dress was a modern “Hollywood glam” look with a plunging neckline. This dress made Meryl Streep, 61 at this point, look like the queen of movies that she is. Streep’s breathtaking outfit also stood to say that elegance is at its peak in your older years and rather then fear aging, women should embrace it.

Marion Cotillard (2008)

Cotillard was a relatively new name when she appeared at the Oscars in the Jean Paul Gautier mermaid dress in 2008.  I think it was from that moment on that her name was never forgotten and put on the top of many “Hottest Actress” lists. This mermaid dress was so unique and accentuated Cotillard’s body to perfection. It made the french native star shine bright from the rest and left a very good impression on everyone.

Hilary Swank (2007)

Swank looked like a “Million Dollar Baby” in the navy blue backless Guy Laroche dress at 77th Annual Academy Awards. She brought back the idea of a backless design rather then a plunging neckline and made it look sexy as ever! This design is still being used on the commercial market today thanks to modern elegance of Swank.

Penelope Cruz (2007)

Another foreign bombshell that rocked the Oscars was Penelope Cruz in a champagne chiffon Versace dress.  The color looked great on Cruz’s skin color and the detailing of the dress was just remarkable. Cruz, the ever so glamorous actress, brought to life what it looks like to be a princess and did so in her own right.

Halle Berry (2002)

Whenever I think of best fashion moment at the Oscar, this dress always comes to mind. The gorgeous and very talented, Halle Berry wore a sheer Elie Saab gown with embroidered detail. She looked provocatively sexy and yet remained so poised. Berry made Oscar history by accepting the first Oscar as an African American women and she couldn’t have done it better. Her speech, her dress, and her genuine  appreciation for movies set the bar so high- I still do not think it has been topped.

Julia Roberts (2001)

Roberts truly never looked better then at 2001 Oscars wearing a black and white Valentino dress. The dresss had so much Hollywood glam, which made Roberts look like a classic Holly wood icon, Elizabeth Taylor or even Audrey Hepburn. This simple but effective design proves that sometimes “less is more.” 

Charlize Theron (2000)

Theron brought in the new millennium like a star ! She wore a tangerine-hued Vera Wang gown that emphasized  her long curvaceous body and turned many, many heads.  Theron has even said this dress has  kept her form landing several roles because she was pegged as a blonde bombshell. I think this dress was the perfect transition from the grungy, bell-bottom 90’s into the sophistication of the 2000s. 

Gwyneth Paltrow (1999)

These days, people wouldn’t even look twice at a simple pink Ralph Lauren dress that Paltrow showcased at the 1999 Oscars. The dress has a long, wide skirt and a bodice with straps and V-shaped neckline. Paltrow defined “pretty in pink” that night; it inspired so many prom dresses for high school girls that wanted to feel like a princess for a night. I applaud Paltrow for this dress because I don’t think anyone else would have been able to pull off this gown without looking like a Pepto Bismol bottle.

Drew Barrymore (8 years old)

I wanted to finish the list of with child-star Barrymore because we love the woman she has become but also loved her back then! She was cute as a button in this pink ensembke with white fur. Barrymore truly started her list of “best dressed” the moment she stepped out in this doll outfit. 

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Written by emkatavic

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