All Black Is No Longer Reserved For Pretentious Fashion Snobs

Everyone is doing the black and white thing. Whether it comes color blocked, polka dotted, or striped, black and white is a good look and an undeniable trend for the coming Fall/Winter 2013-14. I’ve often tried to create such outfits in the past few weeks and have failed every time; when it came down to add some white I could never make the last move. Something inside me rejected the monochrome and wanted to keep things simple: all black. 

Truth is, all black just looks cool. Not only does it allow people to truly show how creative they can be, but all black outfits are often more eye-catching than neon ones. The possibilities when it comes to mixing textures and the (bonus) illusion of slenderness that only black outfits can provide are only few of the reasons why you should never wear colors again. Here are more, from casual to chic:

Yeah it’s summer, so what? Black has never been a bad look, and as for everything else;

All images and gifs from Tumblr 

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