Cirque de Boudoir Prohibition Party like it’s 1920!

Cirque de Boudoir is celebrating its seventh anniversary! What better way to celebrate where burlesque is today then to return to its root. Prohibition is the evening’s title theme and CDB is turning back the clocks to the roaring 20’s. The idyllic venue will be the über opulent 1920’s backdrop of Lion d’Or. 

Lion d'Or

Hosted by Plastik Patrik with DJs Davidé and Khalil spinning electro swings with visuals provided by Bunnyguts


Expect an evening of myriad acts with burlesque performances that would surely satisfy all fetish scenes. If you like it dark, neo-goth vixen, Mimi Cherry is right up your dark alleyway. She will make you beg for more. While Lady Josephine lightens up the room with her raunchy vaudeville comedy routine. 

Madria Lavender May

Lovely Lavender May with her innocent playfulness reminds us all why gentlemen prefer blondes. Finally, glamorous Madria could easily appear on any Victoria Secret catalogue with her sultry looks and seductive grooves. 

Lady Joesphine and Mimi Cherry

As always: no effort, no entry. So dress for sucess. Follow the theme. We’re into period pieces lately and not just 60’s era homages, like Mad Men. No. Whether it’s a banker’s ball or an English lit dorm party, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby is in right now. 

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire goes farther back in time and are the latest craze today. So watch those shows tonight and take notes on costume: feathers, pearls, fedoras, top hats and tuxedos.

Boardwalk Empire

CDB is going to party like it’s 1920 on September 14th. For more details visit their website! 

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