Who To Watch: The Child Of Lov Makes Pop For Thugs

Released on, The Child of Lov shares the music video for “Fly”, a track from his debut album that is now available via Double Six Records. The sound that Dutch artist The Child Of Love creates is that of a modern, neo-soul influence. Mix that with some aimless and sensual imagery and you’ve got yourself, as one commentor put it, a “bizarrely interesting” video. Indeed, my friend… indeed.

The Child Of Lov

The music video features what seems like wayward teens making their way through life’s struggles and battling their internal one’s as well. Smoking, drinking, stealing and sexual decadence are all prominent in the video while at the same time, when these characters interact, they have momentary bouts of happiness; even if it’s at the expense of their mindstate when it’s over. They need to “really let their wings fly” as The Child Of Lov sings along in the background but really, everything they are doing is just keeping them on the ground that much longer. I came to understand that towards the end, when the girls come together for a, er, “good time” but as soon as it’s over, one of them goes on with her day while the other is left to ponder about what just happened and looks quite depressed about the fact that she’s been left alone.

Wayward Teen 1

Wayward Teens

I’d have to say that I didn’t expect this kind of setting for the song or music video to take but it all makes sense when put together. It’s real in a way that most music video’s don’t touch and reminded me of movies like Thirteen. All that “fun” doesn’t bring these kids fulfillment and I think that’s sort of the point being made in “Fly”.

All this from the Dutch? Yep! Who would have thought? I dig his steeze though and look forward to hearing more from this guy.

Here is a track list of his album:

The Child of Lov

1. Call Me Up
2. Heal
3. One Day ft. Damon Albarn
4. Living The Circle
5. Give Me
6. Go With The Wind
7. Owl ft. DOOM
8. Fly
9. Warrior
10. Give It To The People

Learn more about him here:

Watch the video for “Fly” and other hits from The Child Of Lov below and share your thoughts:

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