Celine Dion Ready To Release New Album In November, New Single Out Now

The legend that is french singer, Celine Dion, is back. There may be some of you who might laugh at this post and think “who cares”? My dears, you are forgiven. See, Celine was (still is) considered one of the biggest powerhouse singers of the 90’s with ballads like “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”, “Because You Loved Me”, “The Power of Love”, and “All By Myself“; just to name a FEW. It is incontestable that “My Heart Will Go On” from the 1997 film “Titanic” is her most recognized song. Maybe I WAS that girl singing at the top of my lungs as a kid about emotions I couldn’t possibly truly understand when no one was home, oh well; to me, Celine was and still is one of the greatest voices to bless a ballad.

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ALLLLL of THAT being said, it has been 16 years since the colossal hit made it’s mark in music and in America. Now, Celine Dion has a new album set to release on Nov. 5th titled “Loved Me Back To Life“. From that title, I felt encouraged to believe that she was ready to take ballads by storm again and boy, do I feel like it’s been a while since an amazing, tear-jerkin’ ballad has been heard. It might not a hot genre on the market anymore but I still miss it, nonetheless. Let me explain what I mean by “felt”. The single that was recently released and goes by the same name as the album sounded like disappointment calling my name.

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Loved Me Back To Life” is everything I didn’t want it to be. I expected moving lyrics and that familiar voice. Well, I won’t say that her vocal abilities have faltered. In fact, she is every bit a powerful singer as she was 16 years ago. It’s just too bad that she didn’t stick to the formula that made her so celebrated. Instead, she opted for a more modern sound; electronic-inspired beat, weak (compared to her other songs), repetitive lyircs and all. (Like we don’t have enough of that already). I get it, Celine (or her management) want to appeal to a new audience as well as her loyal fans but sometimes in life, you’ve just gotta stick to what you know, ya know?

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                                                                                                  (how I feel)

The track isn’t terrible in any way but it’s just not what I was looking for as a fan. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it better than I did. I still have a shred of hope left that the album will offer more than an attempt to appeal to current, mainstream, tastes. She should remember that she’s already loved and respected by her country as well as ours. She just needs to be herself and let her talent speak for itself.

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