Let me be the first to say that Wrongbar was the RIGHT bar to be on Thursday, September 26th for the UNBELIEVABLY talented Cherub.

These two guys have mad stage presence that instantly has you off your seat dancing with them up, front and personal (literally).

Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber were nothing shy of taking drinks from fans and even having an overly (but completely understandable) excited fan perform The Splits mid-performance… yes, it happened.

I think it’s safe to say that Toronto showed them a good time by simply showing the love.

The talented two ended the show with their most popular single “Doses and Mimosas”, which had everyone going wild. They were also curteous enough to give us an encore presentation of a song yet to be released – can’t wait!

On tour and venturing all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, they were pleasantly pleased with us Torontonians (obvs).  

Cherub, let me be one of the many to say that you can reside in Toronto whenever you please – we will always give you just what you give us: A DAMN GOOD TIME.

All songs performed are available for free download via their website. I HIGHLY recommend getting acquainted with these sexy-cool electro-pop twosome. They really know how to drop the beat and follow it up with scandalous lyrics.

Cherub social media: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud


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Written by ccourtois

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