F.Printz: ‘No squares in my circle to success’

Ottawa’s home-grown, established hip hop artist, F.Printz is not only lyrically talented, but uses his music as a means to speak for others by spreading messages of self-empowerment. 

The Cold Capitvl Project is an EP by F.Printz with the collaboration of David Notes and Artful Rich. With a theme of mind elevation, this EP gives a unique outlook through a “introspective mind” on Ottawa. F.Printz‘s Kendrick Lamar-like vibes are what kept me most interested in the beats followed by the lyrics to back them up.

“I’m too busy playing chess while everybody playin’ checkers.” – track #7 “ATWD Interlude”
F.Printz is on some next level ways of sharing his creativity and intellectual mind in a way that speaks to everyone.

The Cold Capitvl Project
My favourite track on the album is most definitely “Circular Success”. ‘No squares in my circle to success’ is a verse anyone can relate to in their own lives.

Overcoming the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality of Ottawa, it’s fair to say success isn’t far for F.Printz.

The Cold Capitvl Project was brought together a year ago, only taking 6-7 months in the making.

Cold Capitvl
His inspiration is merely based on his surroundings and experiences in his hometown Ottawa. Focusing now on shows and creative visuals, we can only wait for new tracks that he will share based on new opportunities and experiences the future will bring.

F.Printz is an abbreviation from the name Freddy which is based off the acronym: Further Reiterating Everyday Difficulties of Dilated Youth. ‘Printz’ is tied in simply by his written material delivered in his songs.

Download The Cold Capitvl Project  Here!

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