It was disappointing when the genre bending collective Kids These Days broke up. Now solo dolo, Vic Mensa has dropped a jewel of a mixtape. Back in May, Mensa told “I’ve been working on the INNANETAPE for a while. Since I really started going hard with that shit, I’ve been getting out my creativity,” he said. “I have an outlet for things I didn’t feel like I could do in Kids These Days.”

Comparisons have been made that if Kanye is Yeezus then Vic Mensa is Buddah (according to a Facebook fan). It may be too early to say whether he’s destined to have success of Kanye‘s proportion, but to him, it’s not about success. It’s all about fun.

But everything happens for a reason / If you choose to look at it that way / And put truth into the things you do / And really believe what you say. (Time Is Money)

Vic Mensa

The quality of the overall production is a clear reflection of his efforts. All 14 tracks are dope, and unlike most mixtapes, you can listen to this one from start to finish.

High point: the jazzy groove at the end of “Lovely Day”.

Low point: Rockie Fresh’s verse on “Time Is Money”


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Written by ccourtois

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