Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ Video Is A Ratchet Battle Cry in Miley’s Direction

Oh me, oh my! Like the 4 Non Blondes hit single famously pondered, what’s going on? I’ll tell you what is going on. There is a mothaflippin’ all out BATTLE poppin’ off right before our eyes between Rihanna – formerly the Queen of Ratchet (don’t worry RiRi you only dropped down to “Princess” status so far) and Miley Cyrus – the newly dubbed Queen of ghettofabulousness.

riri barbie
Yep, let’s gather ’round our boob tubes, smart phones, tablets, and laptops (jeez, what have we done to ourselves?), grab a bowl of buttery popcorn and commence to view the BATTLE OF THE MOST RATCHET ONE OF ALL. Who will win? Who will lose? Can there be some kind of agreement? Maybe a collaboration between the two? Not sure, what with RiRi’s well-documented reaction at the VMA bash.

riri twerk
In her latest video, Rihanna steps it up waaay more than a notch for her “Pour It Up (Explicit)” single. Let’s understand something here, I’m not bashing her. As a matter of fact, I love that damn song. It makes me wanna do things my momma won’t approve of. I just save it for the cribbo (hehe). Seriously though, this makes for some great discussions on pop music and where it’s headed (we know where it’s headed though).


RiRi sits on her throne singing about how she still got her money while “dancers” do their thang on the pole. (I hope they still got their money too). She then joins in the fun a little more; spreading her legs wide open, twerkin’ on the throne, twerkin’ for ya daddy, twerkin’ for ya mom. Oh yeah, she twerks; and of course, looks impossibly gorgeous doing so. There is more. Okay, actually there isn’t more. That’s about the entire video for you. Throw in some wigs/weaves, different outfits and we’re good.

This music video really only prompts one question:

What will Miley do to top this?


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Written by ccourtois

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