The First-Ever YouTube Music Awards Presented By KIA

YouTube recently announced that they will be honoring artists in the first ever YouTube Music Awards! This is crazy! This is epic! This doesn’t make sense yet it does! Why is YouTube doing this? It doesn’t matter because now we have another platform to watch celebrities perform our favorite songs and possibly make complete bafoons out of themselves for the sake of television! Yippee!

The nominees were apparently chosen every time viewers shared or liked their videos on YouTube. On October 19th, we are told to “get ready” to pick the winners. YouTube also mentions that there will be live performances by the likes of Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Eminem, plus more.


youtube music awards
YouTube has been responsible for being at the forefront of the insane boom in self-made “celebritaaay” as well as boosting the stats of traditionally made celebrities for years now. Even though I never saw this coming, it kind of makes sense that it would happen yet it doesn’t because, well, I never saw the need for it but hell, I’m not complaining.

This awards celebration was created by YouTube and Spike Jonez and sponsored by automobile company KIA yet they say it will be entirely built by us. It will be hosted by Jason Schwartzman (Scott Pilgrim VS the World’s Gideon Gordon Graves) This is probably what they meant by letting us decide who the winners will be. They claim that it will also make for “a different kind of awards show” with live performances from Seoul, Moscow, London, and Rio. The actual show will be held in New York City and will be entirely livestreamed. Oh and get this, artists will somehow create new music videos in real time throughout the entire event!

mind blown 2

Technology today = Mind blown.

mind blown

If it’s like that they better make this shit top Tupac’s “ressurrection” at Coachella 2012 or something because that’s some next-level shit right there.

This will all go down on Sunday, November 3rd and although the livestream part is cool, I wish I could attend it!

The first-ever YouTube Music Awards.

Are you ready?


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