IXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Cassandra Lucas of 90’s Platinum Selling R&B Duo Changing Faces

Upon the release of her latest music video “Damn“, I learned that Cassandra Lucas of 90’s platinum selling R&B duo is back and looking to make a splash on the scene. Having never gone solo until now, it was quite a mystery to me as to why she chose now to tread into the limelight again. With hits like “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.” and “Foolin’ Around“.  I was surprised that they or she hadn’t done this earlier. As they say however, “better late than never”. That being said, I was able to ask Cassandra Lucas a few questions about her current moves and why she’s solo, among other things.

Read the Q&A below:

1) How long were you a part of Changing Faces?

I”ve been a member of the group Changing Faces since 1994 when we first came on the scene so that would be 19 going on 20 years.. Wow, it doesn’t feel that long ago. I can remember our very first show as if it was yesterday; how time flies…

2) What caused you to make the decision of flying solo this time around?

The time is now or never and never is not an option. It feels a little scary and it will definitely be something different then what I’m used too, but the scary part is also what makes it fun. You know, like a roller coaster ride; you’re scared as hell but at the same time it’s so much fun.

3) Did you ever consider going solo before or was this a thought formed in recent years?

Yes. We did take a break for about 8 years and I wanted to pursue something on my own but I never saw it through. Life sometimes gets in the way. 

4) Do you feel nervous about making music on your own now?

Yes, it feels a little scary and it will definitely be something different but again, nerves aside, it’s exciting to be able to just do what I love. I don’t do it for attention; I already did my thing in the past with Changing Faces and am eternally grateful for the accomplishments we acheived, but I do it because I love it and I know my real fans will love and appreciate some new material!

5) What is your goal in coming back into the scene as a solo artist?

My goal is to have fun and to do what makes me happy musically. I want to follow my heart and create music organically. Just being true to who I am and never putting any limitations on myself.

6) In your music video “Damn”, you kept the sound that you are most known for which is mainly R&B and it worked well; will you be  mixing genres now that you have the freedom to do your own thing?

I would have to say yes because I’m about midway into my album and it’s a mixed bag of material which I really like. I think it will have a little something for everyone.

7) How have fans responded so far to “Damn”?

It’s been wonderful in my opinion. My core fans have shown love whether it’s in a YouTube comment or leaving me comments on my Instagram; the love is there. I’m so humbled and so thankful for that, really.

8) Are you currently working on an album?

Yes, as of now I’m about 10 songs deep and will be titled “Lifetime“. Hopefully, I won’t change it by the time I’m done but you never know. LOL

9) Are there any exciting collaborations that you are working on? If so, do tell.

I actually do have a collaboration that I am excited about with a certain someone that has gained quite a big amount of popularity over the years since he stepping into the music industry. I’d like to keep it under wraps for now though and have everyone on their toes. 😉

10) I read somewhere that you agreed to being a part of the cast on a reality show. You’ve never done reality tv before, what made you go for it now?

That’s funny, I read that too! You must be talking about R&B Divas. As of now, I know nothing about it. Maybe they have put together a wish list of artists but no one has reached out to me as of yet.

11) What is your personal opinion on reality tv?

I personally feel you can use it for good or for bad. I do watch reality tv because, lets be honest, sometimes you just can’t tear away from the craziness that goes down. Honestly though, my only problem with it is when people just use it to constantly show negative images. If all you do on a show, especially females, is bicker and backstab oneanother for an entire season, then what are you really contributing to society, music, or anything really with your presence on this show? It’s just silly and sends a mixed message to other females out there. I, for one, wouldn’t want to send mixed messages about my character to anyone watching; so I’d be very careful as to what reality tv show I’d go on, if I ever do appear on one.

12) Do you feel it will be easier to get back into the business solo as opposed to having a partner do everything with you?

I definitely believe it will be harder to get back into the business because it’s been awhile. On top of that it’s a new industry now since my last Changing Faces album. I am aware that not only do I have to reintroduce myself to my Changing Faces fans. but also to new people who have no idea who I am.

13) When can we expect another single and music video from you as well as performances?

My single “DAMN” will actually have 2 videos. I have a crazy dance version that I plan on shooting a video for; I think the fans will love it. I wanted to be able to take this slow unorthodox ballad into the clubs and have fun with it.

14) Lastly, what motivates you?

Two things: Hearing the word NO and my love for music.  Both are very motivating!

It’s refreshing to know that someone who has been in the music industry and experienced great success can still be so down to Earth! Cassandra Lucas seems like a very “chill” gal. It’s also great to know that she doesn’t care so much about being in the spotlight persay. She seems to really, simply, love music and her fans. When you can do something you love, be recognized for it, and then come back and still have the ability to do it again, what more could you ask for?


Thanks Cassandra for being a doll and doing this Q&A with me! Indecent Xposure wishes you the best of luck with all your endeavors!

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