‘Money’ is what it’s all about for ScribeCash

Presenting a new single “Money”, eighteen year old Kinnedy Storay better known as ScribeCash releases her album Insomnia, second to her first release Dauntless which came out in 2012. Born and raised in Corona, California, Scribe managed her schoolwork while still creating her own music. In 2011 she attended the BET awards and from that point on, Scribe’s desire to reach the top skyrocketed.


Scribe says of her new single that “the concept of the song could be looked at in two ways. Most people will just focus on the hook which is really straightforward, discussing all the things I would do when I got some money, but others will dissect my lyrics. From a lyrical standpoint I talk about various class structures. The first verse talks about the lower class, the second discusses the middle class, and the third discusses the upper class. Each verse discusses their feelings and thought process when it comes to money.  I did this because I wanted to write a song that was universal, because everyone wants money!”

While the beat of the song is not exactly my cup of tea, lyrically it is a very enlightening song. It is clear in the song, that she understands that everybody wants money but doesn’t necessarily need more money. From my understanding of the song, while the middle and the upper class are already comfortable with the amount of money they have, they will indeed always welcome more. Of course, who wouldn’t? The world revolves around money, we need it to live and we need it for most of our leisure activities.


What is interesting about the song is when she mentions, “When I get some money, ain’t gonna be this middle class-ish or this wait in line.” She immediately acknowledges that the upper class is treated differently. It does not matter in the end what type of person you are, it all comes down to how much money you have. Scribe makes it clear in the lyrics that although this power will be her end result; it is only through hard work and determination that she could ever make it there. While there are always circumstances beyond one’s control, for anyone within the lower classes, they could achieve the higher points if they decide to strive towards a dream.

If you are into the genre of hip hop and rap, you should definitely watch out for Scribe. She is definitely stepping forward in the musical world and is determined to get to the top. She wants money and fame and if she continues on the road she has taken, she can definitely get there.

To download or stream the Insomnia album, click here.

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Written by ccourtois

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