WATCH: Prince’s New Video ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

In the midst of a constant stream of new artists hitting us from every angle every other day, it’s pretty cool to see artists like Prince stand the test of time by releasing new material. A legendary artist in his own right, Prince really doesn’t have to put out new music anymore, but I’m glad he still does. I remember the last single I jammed to a few years ago, “Musicology” (yet it seems to be erased from the YouTube universe now). Today I found myself enjoying the chill funk of “Breakfast Can Wait”.



The song is enjoyable unless you absolutely refuse to listen to anything but club bangerz and such these days. If your range of taste is wider however, this might tickle your palate. The concept is cute too, as Prince does not appear in the video whatsoever. Instead, two people playing the part of a couple act out the words to the song through dance. There is a bit of humor throughout as well; as one commenter put it:

“Ahhh.. A woman impersonating him possibly says I still gender bend and I don’t even have to be in a video of my song… “

– Efrain Ramos


At first, I didn’t understand what he meant. I fully understood after watching and couldn’t help but agree with that statement. Maybe that is exactly what Prince is trying to say. Either way, he’s still got it in him and I respect that. Keep rocking!

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Written by ccourtois

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