Adventure Club Are Calling All Heroes With Latest EP

When I thought my day couldn’t get any better (we watched Big Brother Canada during lecture today, for science of course), Adventure Club has gone and released the first part of their two part EP Calling All Heroes. While Both ‘Gold’ (feat. Yuna) and ‘Thunderclap’ were made available weeks prior, the 4 song release is everything fans should come to expect from the duo. Beyond featuring the amazing vocals of Yuna and The Kite String Tangle (see ‘Wonder’) respectively, songs like ‘Crash’ have me floored with their lyrical intensity and dramatic builds. Having sat on some of this music prior to it’s official release has allowed me to really give it the attention it deserves, and trust me, the intention behind their project is clear and truly exciting. As fans, we are seeing both Leighton and Christian delve into new territory with songs like ‘Thunderclap’ which is big room in every sense of the term. While some have come to criticize the single as a commerical sell-out, I’m coming to their defense and arguing that the track is not only transitional for the duo, but it is clearly an experiment gone right. Just because you make music that appeals to the masses doesn’t mean that the artist has neglected their original sound…The track clearly has their rhythmic timing and writing sensibilities all over it. 

This will be the EP that your friends will have on repeat for weeks…’Crash’ alone is worth the purchase. I also suggest a side of bacon while you listen, it is the quintessential pairing. To purchase ‘Calling All Heroes-Pt. 1, click here!  

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Written by ccourtois

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