Azealia Banks’ Acid Trip – “ATM Jam” (New Video)

What happens when you take two powerhouses like Pharrell Williams and Azealia Banks and put them in a song together? You end up with a straight up banger like “ATM Jam.”  

Azealia Banks ATM Jam

Now if you’re an ignorant mother fucker like me you probably had the same question when you first heard the song; what in the fuck does “ATM” actually mean? At the moment? Ass to mouth? Automated teller machine? But don’t worry I’m here to save you from the tough responsibility of googling it. Apparently Pharrell and Azealia are so rich their money jams ATM machines. I know, it’s so logical! But I bet you wanted it to be ass to mouth. Hey the truth can’t please everyone (I’m talking to you pervert.)

Azealia Banks ATM Jam GIF

Azealia Banks ATM Jam

This video is not only a futuristic flower-child’s wet dream but it also happens to have some of the swankiest pyschedlic visuals produced by the ever-talented Rony Alwin. His work is ALWAYS on point. Though Pharrell doesn’t make it into the video it’s safe to say that the fashion alone makes up for it.

Azealia Banks ATM JamThose cotton candy eyebrows tho

Azealia Banks ATM Jam

The candy colour visuals and playful dance moves take you through an acid trip that is probably Azealia Banks life. Check out the trippy visuals below!

Azealia Banks ATM Jam

And I’m out… Peace Bithces!

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Written by ccourtois

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