Ed Banger in Montreal: 5 Reasons I had a Better Halloween Than You

1. Ed Banger’s 10th Anniversary Concert

Yes. You read well. Metropolis welcomed the French electro label Ed Banger tour to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. People from everywhere in Canada (lots from outside of Quebec) came to see artists in action. I met a lot of people such as Snow White, Walter White and Cleopatra. Need more convincing, wait for it.

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2. Breakbot (Live Band)

Funk. Funk everywhere. People grooved, people jumped, people cheered. I’m sure Breakbot never had such a big standing ovation (we were already standing) in his life. Monsters and fairies went berserk for his nu-disco. Following his intro-mix, a bassist, a guitarist and Irfane got on stage to perform songs from Breakbot’s first album By Your Side. It was awesome. 

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3. Busy P’s Mega Mix

The founder of Ed Banger was there with his console and his huge inflated screen where animations of all kinds were projected. Busy P did a mega mix of songs made by different artists from the label. He did a set worthy of Picnik Electronik, though the interaction with the crowd was a bit meh. I couldn’t hear a thing when he was talking in the mic and he tried to make people light up their lighters. Not a lot of people did… oups.

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4. Justice (DJ Set)

I might disappoint some of you, and you can yell as loud as you want to your screen, but I did get the chance to see Justice… for 20 minutes. Although I didn’t stay long, I was amazed by how good they were (can someone slap me already?). I hear they had a bad reputation in concert, but wow, I wasn’t disappointed. I danced my last energy bar on their set, and was glad I wasn’t downstairs: an ocean of people were just swinging from left to right. My 5’4” person dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda with a shield and sword on her back would be dead by now.

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5. The party

If you think you went to the best party in town, you are wrong. The Metropolis was electrifying, the light show was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, and I think it was one of the best show I went in my life. Not all people were dressed up, but the people that were disguised did everything they could to make their costume awesome.

And you, what did you do for Halloween?

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