Kate Nash Delivers Crowd Surfing & Girl Power In Toronto

Having been to many concerts in my time, I know that each show provides it’s own unique experience and the Kate Nash performance this week in Toronto did not disappointment in this category. Around 10:30PM on November 5th, Kate Nash graced the stage of The Phoenix Concert Theatre after a warm and delightful performance by openers, La Sera.

Kate Nash

Kicking off the show with hits from her most recent album Girl Talk, Kate appeared gracefully in a red chiffon dress that flowed perfectly as she glided with ease to the rhythm of her guitar. After teasing us with tunes from her new album, Nash made it a point to please everyone as she transitioned into older favourites, “Kiss That Grrrl”, “Do-Wah-Doo”, and “Mouthwash”, among others. An immediate highlight for me was Kate‘s haunting performance of her song “Oh”. I watched intensely as Kate performed the soft melodic tune with such sweet emotion and honestly, for a moment I forgot I was surrounded by other mesmerized fans who looked on with admiration and respect for the UK sweetheart. As we reached the middle of the show, Kate busted out a retouched version of her first single “Foundations”. The crowd cheered and sang in unison to the song that put Kate on the map in North America.

Kate Nash

Backed by her fiercly talented all-girl band, there was a strong underpinning of girl power in the air. To watch female musicians own their talent is always an incredible treat, however that feeling is heightened when experiencing a live performance by Kate Nash. The rock powered rifts and all out jams by guitarist Linda Buratto left me stunned and highly impressed by the unexpected Runaways-inspired performance that rang consistent throughout the night.

Linda Buratto

Between songs, Kate entertained the audience with witty banter and song intros, giving us a closer glimpse into who she is and what she is all about. If you know anything about Nash, you are aware of her passion for supporting women’s rights. Midway through the show, Nash began specifically speaking about the young girls she has interviewed that all feel as though they could never be a musician for fear of being made fun of due to gender. Kate then explained to the crowd that though that may be true in some cases, it is never a reason to not try, encouraging the females of the crowd to “not give a fuck what others think” and to “do whatever the fuck you want”. Where other artists may run the risk of preaching or shoving opinions down fans throats, Kate Nash avoids this all together as her down to earth nature and general sincerity makes you actually want to listen to what she has to say.

Kate Nash

Having followed the tour online for the past few weeks I was well aware that Kate was making her mark by inviting fans on stage at the end of her show to jam and dance to their hearts content right beside the rock queen herself. In addition, Kate has been assisting fans in the art of crowd surfing, encouraging audience members to squeesh to the front of the stage and carry the bodies of adoring fans above them. As the concert was nearing it’s end, I looked upon the high rise to the stage at The Phoenix Concert Theatre and was perplexed in understanding just how Kate was going to manage all of this in Toronto. Manage she did, as the last song played Kate began to point to fans and invite them onto the stage with her. The crowd worked together to lift and shove others onto the stage. Though it was incredible to see so many people standing next to Kate as she continued to perform, what came next was truly amazing.


Coming closer to the edge of the stage, Kate Nash began to motion to the crowd to squeeze together and move forward–she then took one of the fans that was on stage with her to the edge and helped lift her onto the crowd. From there multiple fans began to be placed right in front of myself and others in the crowd as we lifted and pushed their bodies above us in an epic, collborative crowd surf. As if this moment could not become more surreal, Kate Nash herself was then assisted by her crew in lifting and gently tossing her to the crowd. I watched in awe as one of the most talented and bold performers I have had the pleasure of seeing’s body came floating past me amongst a slew of starstruck fans. After the crowd surfing had ended Kate and her all girl band grabbed the hands of the fans left on stage and took a bow, thanking Toronto for their support. To say this show was sublime would not be giving Kate and her band enough credit.

Kate Nash

When I got home after the show I began sleepishly emptying my bag before heading to bed. I felt something small, thin and curious in the bottom of my bag. I pulled my hand out to reveal a guitar pick with Kate Nash‘s face plastered on the front. My fangirl moment had arrived in a culmination of sheer joy and excitement having known that at some point during the amazing crowd surfing spectacle, a Kate Nash Guitar pick had made its way from the stage into my purse. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the stuff concert dreams are made of!

Kate Nash continues her global tour until the end of November click here to see to the remaining dates.

Check out My Ignorant Youth to learn more about Kate Nash.

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All photos by Shorey Andrews

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