Red Bull Thre3style: Night 3 USA kills it

Red Bull’s 2013 Thre3style World Championship night 3 was held at The Hoxton, on Toronto’s downtown King St.

With many anticipated individuals waiting in line, leaving 500 people without entrance the night before, I was lucky enough to have a friend get me in to see the whole event run down.

I was beyond excited when I saw the Jamaican flag hanging from the roof along with a Canadian, South Korean, and USA.

Like always, getting the crowd acquainted and pumped, Small Town DJ’s and Torro Torro were on point on each of their sets.

Getting to the event at about 9:00, shortly after 11:00 the competition had started with DJ Inferno representing Jamaica battling first.

Night 3: Canada, Jamaica, USA, South Korea
Each competitor has 15 minutes to play a set and will be judged by originality, creativity, technicality and crowd response, with a minimum of three genres.

DJ Inferno
Being a Jamaican, you could say I was on DJ Inferno’s bandwagon from the second I saw the Jamaican flag. Old school hip hop, reggae, many R&B classics and unmovable beats is what his duo was full of. Jay-z’s Tom Ford single was remixed with a lyric change to Rob Ford with the cocaine scandal sampled for audio. GENIOUS

DJ Adam Doubleyou

Second up was Canadian representative Adam Doubleyou. This set had more rock inspired beats, with oldies that gave those feel good vibes. Throwin down Biggie Smalls gave that instant approval by the crowd.

DJ Acorn

Third up was DJ Acorn representing South Korea. Acorn started off with more scratch and less vocal than the last competitors. None the less, the Beatles throw back and Michael Jackson remix were respsected.


Last, but certainly not least USA’s Trentino killed the show. Playing well known dubstep beats and incorporating feel good hip hop beats that were UNREAL. Once Trentino was half way through, it was fair to say everyone at The Hoxton knew who was taking the first place.


After the four DJ’s were finished their sets, headliner DJ A-trak played an unreal set for the crowd. Stage presence and talent was undeniable-I mean, it is A-trak.

With only two more nights left in the competiton I HIGHLY advise everyone to find a ticket, get to the location early, and have a hell of a time! (It’s enivatable)

Friday night, 8:00 @ The Danforth Music Hall

Saturday night, 8:00 @ Kool Haus

Check out all the mixes performed at Red Bull’s Thre3style World Championship below via Mixcloud.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Written by ccourtois

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