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Previous to walking into Le Belmont last Tuesday night, I was running through possible concert scenarios that could’ve taken place: Would the venue be empty? (with the exception of a few diehard fans?) Would the venue get so packed you felt suffocated? Would the crowd be super old, insanely young, rowdy, dead, etc.? As it turns out – I think too much and the concert was amazing.

holyghost belmont montreal

Getting there literally 5 mins before the opening act, Midnight Magic, hit the stage, Belmont was spacious but decently filled with the expectation that more people would arrive by the time Holy Ghost! came on. Those who were there can attest to this: Midnight Magic could not have been a better opening act. Their synthpop groove waves were infectious and instantly got the crowd bopping their heads. Tiffany, the lead singer, was energetic, over-the-top, and the definition of a fiery redhead. She stripped a crowd member for mocking her.


holyghost belmont montreal 

As the 4-piece band (reduced from 9… because you can imagine how expensive that would be) played their set, Nick Millhiser from Holy Ghost! and Nancy Whang of (the now-extinct) LCD Soundsystem went unnoticed in the crowd as they enjoyed the electropop dance beats exuding from onstage. Then, over the span of the 15-minute intermission, the venue had somehow reached that comfortably-packed level with people ultimately there for the music (unlike other places.) The atmosphere was buzzing with the excitement of true Holy Ghost! fans. 

 holy ghost belmont

From the opening notes of “Wait and See”, fans, bandmates, and bartenders alike were singing along and doin’ the concert side shuffle. Holy Ghost! played a set list that catered to all fans, old and new, including songs: “Say My Name” (I died a little on the inside), “Cheap Shots”, “It Must Be the Weather” and “Okay”. Because they managed to transport practically their entire studio on the road (along with a few friends), the live quality of their 80s-influenced, disco-infused songs was incredible.  

 holy ghost belmont montreal

holy ghost montreal belmont

Before I could even come to the realization that the night was over, they had already reached the end of their set – rounding it out with two encores including “Dumb Disco Ideas”. Overall, it honestly couldn’t have gone any better for this Holy Ghost! fan: The music, unbelievable, and the crowd truly made the night. This is what all concerts should be like. 

holy ghost belmont montreal

(Photo Credits to Aaron Lee)

They have one more stop in Chicago before their tour ends.On Nov. 23, if you’re in the NY area, they’ll be at the Brooklyn Bowl! Definitely go check them out. If you can’t, there’s always their live performance on David Letterman (below).


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Written by ccourtois

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