Review: Big Dreams Drops Sophomore Album ‘Real’

Montreal’s Big Dreams have recently dropped their 2nd album simply titled Real. Since I knew I’d be writing a review for it, I decided to turn it into a listening session and brought over a few people to vibe with me.

As soon as the intro’s instrumental dropped I had a feeling in my gut that reviewing Real was going to be enjoyable (as not all album reviews are) and proceeded to let the music take over my senses. The intro alone presents what will be the aura of most of the album; filled with beats that are reminiscent of the types A$AP Rocky likes to spit on for songs like “Wassup” or similar to fellow Canadian Drake’s chill sound that causes one to descend into a pensive mood rather than amping you up for a party. As for lyrical influence, I heard a bit of Kendrick Lamar in the beginning with a splash of spoken-word style of spitting.

During the listening session, we bumped to “YDKM” and “Perfect”, already preferred choices for me. I got the feeling that the album was supposed to feel like an intimate conversation between the artist and the listener. As Big Dreams pour their thoughts and troubles into Real, they keep the vibe chill enough to hold you in a trance. Things change slightly on “High Tech/Mos Def Pt. 2” – a 2-part track that suddenly yet seamlessly visits the roots of Hip-Hop as the all too familiar boom-bap sound floats into the air with their rap styles swiftly changing to match it. My guess is that they purposely did this just to let you know that they can get down to the nitty gritty of rap and still flow effortlessly.

The album stands up to it’s name because the songs and artists deliver believable messages about their struggle while allowing listeners to escape from reality with their catchy hooks and dreamy atmosphere present throughout it’s entirety.

All in all, Real offers music lovers a new group to pay attention to and pay attention you must. It looks like Big Dreams will be doing big things in the near future!

Check out tracks, find where to follow them, and learn more about Big Dreams here:

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Written by ccourtois

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