Alesso Brings The Fire @ New City Gas

After what was really a two week nonstop bender of sorts, I decided that seeing Alesso @ New City Gas would be the best way to end the chaotic whirlwind of shows and events that have consumed my life as of late. Having only seen him live a handful of times (priviledged white girl mode activate), to say I was excited was slightly an understatement. Known for his expertly crafted visuals and aggressive live mixes, Alesso seemed to be on everyone’s mind here in Montreal…The crowd was insane and the venue was filled to the brim with excited ravers. Getting up close and personal was definitely a challenge.

First and foremost it needs to be said that as a producer, Alesso has come along way since his debut with ‘Nillionaire’. Beyond being a regular at some of the world’s largest and frequently attended festivals, his collaborative efforts have catapulted his succes to extroardinary heights, pushing progressive house to the forefront of electronic music. While his set at Ultra Music Festival (My first experiece seeing him perform live) was the quintessential opening to Swedish House Mafia‘s last performance, this weekend definitely blew my expectations out of the water as to what he could achieve in a smaller venue (If you count NCG as small that is…). As someone who lives and breathes the genre, it was easy to tell that he dropped a reworked version of his Electric Zoo set. Granted, this may have left some people frustrated since the mix has been available for quite some time; however, stylistically the set was perfect for the overly aggressive crowd…He made some great transitional changes and included some personal favourites alongside classic anthems. The fact that he dropped ‘Thinking About You’ had me screaming like a prepubescent teenage girl #noshame. Check out his Zoo mix below!

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Written by ccourtois

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