Sampha takes a turn for the jazzy with new song Happens

Last week, London producer/singer Sampha released a stripped down version of the track “Too Much” which had appeared on Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same. Sampha’s personal version of the track was brilliant and received an all around very positive applause from fans and the music industry in general. It had also been announced that his version of the track would be released via Young Turks in the format of a two track single. Well today’s the day. On the single, which you can purchase here, “Too Much” is accompanied by the track “Happens”. 


“Happens” is still a track where, much like “Too Much”, Sampha’s vocals appear solely accompanied by his own performance on the piano. The result is once again delicate and heartwarming. “Happens” really seems to be a continuation of the story told by the British singer in the first track of the single. Where the recurring line in “Too Much” was “Don’t think about it too much”, on “Happens”, it’s “I can’t let this happen again, I found my love and I don’t want to lose it again“. It seems like he’s slowly coming to grips with the fact that the temporary solution he offers the girl in the first track isn’t going to work, ignoring their problems won’t be the solutions. Despite the sad and melancholic themes of the song, “Happens”, musically at least, seems to be a little more upbeat (emphasis here on the “little more”). While it remains a dark track, Sampha decides to lay down a more jazzy piano track. The end result is great and makes me excited to see what’s next for this brilliant artist. It is now possible to stream both tracks online for free. 

P.S. I strongly recommend that you listen to “Too Much” before listening to “Happens” in order to fully grasp the urgency and meaning of these two tracks for the artist. 

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Written by ccourtois

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