Why Lana Del Rey Grew On Me Plus Miley Cyrus Performs Cover of ‘Summertime Sadness’

Ok. We’ve heard it all. Miley twerking, Miley dissing, Miley smoking, Miley, Miley Miley. Though it seems she’s been doing everything lately to disturb and provoke, this is probably Miley Cyrus‘ most shocking act yet: sitting and tastefully singing Lana Del Rey‘s “Summertime Sadness”.

Why is it shocking? Because well…. It’s pretty darn amazing.

At first glance and listen, Lana Del Rey didn’t captivate me as quickly as she did her “day one” fans who were pulled in by her smoky looks and sultry style. In part, I feel that this inital indifference towards her was brought on by articles I’ve read when she first blew up with “Video Games”. They blasted her for being a sort of “fake” artist who was picked apart and put back together by a team to create an entirely new image for her since her first attempt at a music career flopped when she was just being herself aka Lizzy Grant.

lizzy grant
For some reason, Lizzy Grant didn’t do a thing for the masses eyes and ears but once “Lana Del Rey” stepped into the limelight the crowd went wild. She was (is she still?) the next big thing to hit the scene. However, as mentioned before, the news about her transformation sort of put me off and I found myself looking at her as a bullshit artist; someone who was pulling one over on all her fans, etc. by passing as off as an authentic persona.

This is where I’ve gotta thank Pandora (yes, the music streaming website) for re-introducing me to Lana Del Rey. I chose a station to listen to that holds a lot of her music and so, while I worked, cleaned, etc., I’d hear a bunch of her tracks and found myself wanting to listen to them again. Yes, I’ve fallen into the pre-made trap that is Lana Del Rey and I know I’m supa dupa tardy. Why did I have a change of heart? Well, for one, I enjoy a lot of “oldies” from eras like the 40’s all the way up to the 80’s (I refuse to add the 90’s, they aren’t THAT old; don’t insult me). I find myself listening to music from any of these eras more often than what is out now which is why I think her music attracted me. Lana has a sort of Nancy Sinatra appeal to her. The swagger and coolness that Nancy held in her voice seems to have influenced Del Rey and then of course, her music videos and style all reflect back to a time in which Nancy reigned as well. Listening to Lana makes me feel as if I’m transporting to another era; her songs can really seem like authentic “oldies” yet you know they really aren’t.

nancy and lana

(Nancy Del Rey?)

The only thing I’d say works against Lana Del Rey is the fact that she doesn’t switch it up much. Many or even all of her songs are sad, depressing tunes about lost love or soon to be lost love; wanting to die with or for her lover and driving real fast with the wind in her hair. No, there isn’t much versatility when it comes to Lana Del Rey’s music. Then again, if you want to reminisce on love and summer nights with beautifully orchestrated instrumentals than she might just be your cup of tea.

miley says hi!

During her recent visit to BBC radio, (a covered up) Miley Cyrus covered Lana‘s 2012 smash hit, along with and acoustic band and a few backup singers. This was probably the most exposed we’ve seen her lately and she completely nailed it. It’s bare yet strong: it’s Miley Cyrus proving that she can sing, mimicking the New York City born singer’s voice beautifully.

This is the second time I stumble upon some of the singers more low-key performances and I think it is now safe to say: an acoustic Miley is a great Miley and one I strongly encourage. (Check out her acoustic “Jolene” cover during her Backyard Sessions.)

Check it out below!


Caroline Royer @Its_Carrie_ & Adriana Morales

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