Trisha: YouTube Troll Or Just Plain Dumb Blonde?

I’m a Youtube whore, seriously, I spend hours on it.

I’m pretty much up to date on all the viral videos. But how the hell did I miss out on this chick?! Meet Trisha Paytas, working girl! Wait no, I mean ‘actress’. Previously a stripper, now a born again Christian, she working as a part time actress and professional lingerie model. Like most good Christian girls would. She’s made many TV appearances, but she’s now mostly know for her Youtube videos. Last month she posted a video titled “Do dogs have brains?” Now before I go any farther here is a quote from said video:

“So I was like, of course dogs are are mammals, they’re human, or no they’re not human. They’re part of the animal kingdom that God created, (looks up) I love you Jesus. BUT, then I wonder, like, okay… dogs can’t talk. So do they have brains? Like, yes they walk but it’s like we’re telling them to walk…”


OH DEAR GOD, MAKE IT STOP?!?! It doesn’t end there! Three minutes of listening to her babble and trying hard to get Stewie Griffin’s voice out of my head when he makes fun of Brian’s girlfriend Jillian, cause this chick sounds just like her. “You know, where everything has a question mark at the end of it? With an upward inflection? At the end of every sentence?”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand her question. It’s actually a philosophical question that is still debated today, with humans, and yeah I guess animals too. The mind/body issue. She want’s to know if dogs have minds like humans, if they perceive, think and feel like we do. Her delivery of it on the other hand makes me want to take a rusted spoon, sharpen it, and jam it into my eyes so far that there’s no way of saving me and I’m euthanized. Yeah that’s how annoying and dumb I find this chick to be. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at it yourself and try to finish the full three minutes without bashing your head against something!

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