Reliving the Weekend: Kavinsky is Unbelievable

Kavinsky was not at all what I expected him to be. From the moment he stepped up on stage with that lit cigarette and his signature leather letterman jacket, he blew the crowd away. To quote a friend: “The music is really good, but I’m just having so much fun watching HIM perform. He’s so enchanting!”

 kavinsky live montreal

While Kavinsky’s music isn’t predominantly hiphop and/or techno, the openers were. Starting with Purgatorium, the sets progressed from strong to stronger with each opening act. The local duo opened the night with a techno set perfectly suited to Telus Theater’s impeccable sound system. Pomo and his offbeat hip-hop production redefined “dance fever” as the crowd started moving to the groove. Then, as the duo of Dead Horse Beats took the stage, the masses took to the main floor of the venue like bears to honey.

 kavinsky live montreal

The anticipation had hit its peak. When the filler music had faded and the lights turned low, all you could see was that dot of light from his lit cigarette and the theatre filled with the opening notes of “Protovision”. Kavinsky progressed through each 80s-inspired electro hit with ease while the audience responded to the jacked-up bass with equal enthusiasm. (And to those rolling jackasses who tried to start a mosh pit right behind me: fuck you.)

kavinsky live montreal


What actually made the concert was the connection between him and the crowd. There was a moment when he lifted his lighter and only to be instantly followed by the crowd. The scattered lighters dimly lit the venue as the song progressed. Kavinsky closed out the concert with his biggest hits, “Odd Look” featuring the WeekND and “Nightcall” featuring Lovefoxxx. He, then, came in front of the podium and high-fived a couple fans before awkwardly retreating backstage. 

kavinsky live montreal

Props to iloveNeon for bringing the Testarossa driver in!


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Written by ccourtois

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