Who Are The Lylas? Oh Yeah, Bruno Mars’ Sisters

“Oh boy, another new reality show. Hmm, let’s see what this is about now. Who are these chicks? Oh, Bruno Mars;  sisters? Um… and people are supposed to care because…?”

the lylas

Above are my exact thoughts upon watching the commercial for new reality show The Lylas, which chronicles Bruno Mars’s sisters as they try their best to step out of the HUGE shadow their brother has cast on them from his own stardom. Bruno’s status is well deserved as he has belted out hit after hit and performs his cute, little arse off for all of his fans constantly. Now these previously unknown sisters want to do the same thing (big shocker) yet they’ve much to prove.

the lylas 2

Looking pretty (because let’s face it, they ARE cute okay?) and reminding everyone who their kin is will not save them in the ever-so-scrutinizing music industry and public eye; as Bruno Mars’s sisters, they had better deliver. If not, at least they can find comfort in knowing that their brother can still assist in providing them with a lifestyle that most will never experience. Yeah, it’s not so bad to have a super star sibling whether or not you become famous yourself. Honestly though, I don’t see much happening for the girls besides gaining that cheesy reality TV fame. What is most important for them is what happens AFTER the show ends. I guess time will tell.

However, with the way reality tv shows have taken off and are ruining television as we speak, this thing just. might. work. We’re probably going to see a lot of newly made “fans” off of this. Best of luck!

The show just recently premiered on WE tv and you can watch the first episode below:

Adriana Morales

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Written by ccourtois

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