Article originally written by Annaliese Feininger

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH will forever be known as the night that Kanye and Kendrick KANCELLED. As an avid fan who, along with my glorious Australian roommate whom I will refer to later in this piece, bought 200$ VIP tickets, naturally I had to go through the necessary 7 stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, guilt, depression, acceptance. Once I got to number 7 however, I realized that this night could have SO MUCH potential. Alas, I turned the tables, and changed the title of this chapter of my life from “THE NIGHT THAT KANYE KANCELLED 🙁 “ to “The Night That Kanye Kancelled, We Did …”

1) Lombardis: Go out for a classy dinner which starts with cheers-ing to the night to come and ends with scribbling on the paper tablecloth about the “poisson du jour” you ordered, and how it “had lots of boning, and not in the good way” *polish off two bottles of and expensive Sauvignon Blanc from France*

2) Your two person date suddenly becomes four, as two of your Concordia classmates are in the area and decide to join in on the fun.

3) TRH Bar: Get vodka tonics, swing your legs over the skateboarding ramp and mutually decide with your best friend/roommate that you love each other more than you love your parents, siblings etc.

4) Kama Sutra: Try to go to Kama Sutra, but one of your girlfriends is denied entrance because she is too drunk.

5) Apt. 200: Go to spot. We danced like crazy, bought a bottle of wine (unnecessary), maxed out your credit card because you just REALLY wanted to play that one arcade game and needed to take out a cash advance in order to do so.

6) Siberian Husky: Meet up with friend who owns a beautiful baby Siberian husky named Elke, end up taking a drunken photoshoot with said husky, and contemplate your life goals (i.e receiving a photography grant in NYC vs. owning a Siberian Husky)


7) Meet a midget: Enough said.



8) Munchies: Go to Buns, order the most complex burger possible, then find it the morning after, fully intact (so sad) on your kitchen table.




The moral of this story? It may have started on a bad note, titled: “The night that Kanye and Kendrick Kancelled“, but in the end it was revised to: “The night that Kanye and Kendrick Kancelled, we did …THIS.”

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Written by Anneliese

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