M.I.A. Releases Video for ‘Y.A.L.A’

With the release of her fourth studio album Matangi, M.I.A. has blessed us all with a new video for her anti-Drake, anti-YOLO track “Y.A.L.A.” – Y.A.L.A. being an acronym for You Always Live Again. M.I.A. made this video filled with assaulting visuals in collaboration with the fashion label Kenzo and British magazine i-D. Before you even watch this video be warned that is comes with an epilepsy warning – which is obvious when you take in all the flashing shots of M.I.A. dancing and sneering in some kind of My Little Pony coloured rave. 


It’s a good thing that this video is so visually appealing because as a stand-alone track, it sucks. If it weren’t for the use of crazy colours and kaleidoscope  visuals I would be more focused on the fact it sounds like M.I.A. is participating in a slam poetry competition about the use of YOLO. The trippy solo rave M.I.A. is partaking in throughout the video is a nice distraction from that. In typical M.I.A. fashion, the styling for this video is on point. Thank god for the aesthetics of this video and for M.I.A. for having such a commanding presence because I’d take watching this over watching Drake rap about “YOLO” in front of various Toronto landmarks any day (I still love you Drake).  


Watch the video for “Y.A.L.A.” below! 

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Written by ccourtois

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