Matthew Azrieli – Not Just Another Asshole With a Guitar

Matthew Azrieli is Montreal-born eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter. Initially self-taught at the age of twelve, Azrieli has been playing guitar for six years now and is currently studying at Berklee College of Music. After posting a flurry of songs on YouTube two years ago, and releasing an EP with his band, Mr. Grizzly & The Big Nothing, earlier this year, Azrieli finally released his first solo album last week, self-titled. The album is an honest love-filled diary, beautifully composed, consisting strictly of Azrieli’s voice and guitar. 

In an interview with IX, Azrieli talked very impressively about the songs of his album, stating that we usually (hopefully not always), “fall in love to fall out of love” and this cycle is the topic of this album. It starts with my personal favourite and arguably Azrieli’s most pop-like song, “Choke”, which describes unrequited love. The album then continues to a song titled, “How Did You Know?” in which Azrieli pours out his emotions for finding love. The album proceeds with extremely genuine songs such as “Independence Day” and “Willow Tree”. These two passionate, contrasting songs are oddly placed right after each other on the album, taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. Azrieli describes writing “Independence Day” as a cathartic moment, about a heartbreak which almost felt like a physical pain. However, right after “Independence Day” comes the song “Willow Tree” which is the most romantic, genuine song about falling in love. After falling out of love, the album ends by falling back in love again with the songs “Some Hearts Are True” and “Falling Now For You”. 

Throughout the album Azrieli displays his serious talent for songwriting.  His authentic lyrics are well beyond his time as he conveys love from every point of view possible. Azrieli looks to help people in similar love complications with his music, stating, “if you can make somebody feel better, that’s awesome.”

As for the future, Azrieli has shows in Montreal, New York and Vermont planned for January and is looking to tour for a month in the summer. However, for now you can get his album on bandcamp for free.  Azrieli says, “at the end of the day I’m just some asshole with a guitar and who would buy music for 5$-10$ from some asshole with a guitar? […] There are so many assholes with guitars these days. I just want to be somebody who’s an honest asshole.”  Well Azrieli, if this album is any indication, it seems like you are the most sincere asshole there is!

Check out his album here:

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Written by ccourtois

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