So You’ve Never Been To A Kanye West Concert? What Are You Waiting For?

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend a Kanye West concert like, yesterday.

1) Drama

If you are looking for more than a musical performance from a genre that doesn’t necessarily step into that boundary, this is your guy. Yeezy is as theatrical as his personality and it all comes out on stage.

Masks? Huge stage props? Unsusual choices like using faceless dancers? Check, check, check. At Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center in New York City, Yeezy has been tearing it down for the YEEZUS tour.

yeezus (Source)

yeezus 2  


2) Honesty

There is only so much artists can do to cause their fans feel to feel like they can relate to them. After all, they are rich and famous at the end of the day and many of their fans are not. Ye’ talks a lot about materialism in his music; whether he is praising it one second or despises it the next. However, having been to just two of his shows so far (the first was Atlantic City, New Jersey’s performance at Revel) I’ve seen Kanye show fans more than his “rapper” side and talk straight to them from the stage.

By the end of the night at Barclay’s Center, I felt like I had attended some kind of sermon. Although the performance this last round was heavily coated with religious images and enactments that surely embedded that impression into one’s brain, he had created that same ambience at Revel, without the religious melodramatics. Basically, Kanye can preach!

crowd at yeezus

yeezus 3(Source)


3) The Right Amount

Don’t you hate attending a concert only to hear more new material than anything from the artist? At a Yeezy performance, you get a great mix of old and new hits throughout. During the YEEZUS tour, Kanye performed hits old gems such as “Through The Wire”, “Diamonds Are Forever”, and the much buzzed about “Jesus Walks” as well as newbies like “Bound 2”, and “New Slaves”; even bringing back fan favorites from My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy like “All Of The Lights”.

4) Guests

For the most part, you can usually bet on Kanye to have a guest at one of his shows and the names are usually big. Even surprise guests such as Busta Rhymes dropping in on one of A Tribe Called Quest’s opening performances can be expected.

atcq opens yeezus(A Tribe Called Quest opens the show)

atcq opens yeezus 2(Source)

atcq opens yeezus 3

(A Tribe Called Quest performing “Bonita Applebum”)

bonita applebum

(Ms. Applebum)


(Busta Rhymes surprise appearance)

busta 2


5) Fun

Going to one of his concert’s is simply fun because of the atmosphere and overall performance you are given. Yeezy is also humourous enough to make the crowd laugh at times with a remark or surprising action and who doesn’t like a little humor?


In conclusion, Kanye West knows how to put on a show. Critics may say what they say about the hot headed artist, but as an entertainer whether good or just plain shocking, he certainly entertains. The best way to find out though, is to see for yourself.

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Written by ccourtois

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