Britney Spears Over Charges Fans In Vegas

It is old news now that Britney Spears will be taking up residency in Las Vegas for the next two years, showcasing a string of shows at Planet Hollywood. The first show kicks off on December 27th continuing onto sold out shows for the remaining days in December. But fear not my friends! News came today that Brit Brit is now offering VIP tickets for all of her Vegas dates.

Britney Spears

If you are like me and have an extra $2,500 laying around, well you are in luck because that is the cost of ONE VIP ticket. Yes folks, you read that sentence correctly, the queen of pop has decided that her fans can afford a cool $2,500 to hold one golden ticket to her Vegas show. Want to know what this insane amount of money will get you?

Brit Brit

  • One ticket in the first row of reserved seating
  • Meet & greet with Britney including a photo op
  • Backstage access
  • Autographed special edition Britney poster
  • Special edition Britney T-shirt
  • Guaranteed valet access if desired
  • Access to the dedicated VIP Will Call located just outside the venue’s entrance
  • Access to the VIP Will-Call desk’s direct line for any night-of-show questions
  • A personal escort into the venue using a dedicated entrance to bypass the general public line, including early entry if desired
  • Commemorative VIP laminate

Brit Brit

    When I heard the news that One Direction were charging $350 for their VIP package with NO meet and greet I thought it was insane, but after reading this news today, I just could not believe it. Let’s face the facts, Britney Spears has been nothing but a gong show the last few years and if anything she owes us, not we owe her! Setting aside the fact that she doesn’t need the money, let us also bring up the point that most of the fans that are going to see this Vegas show are likely going out of their way to take a vacation to Vegas, with Britney as the highlight. The trip and accomodations alone would probably cost the amount of a VIP ticket…AND THAT IS JUST ONE TICKET! I’m outraged!

    Brit Brit

    In a recent interview, Britney claimed she was working over time getting prepared for her Vegas show, stating “I’m really challenging myself with the choreography. Whenever I do a show, I’m really keen on making it a show. I love to dance and perform. Because it’s Vegas, I want to do something different. This is the perfect place to bring it to the next level.”

    Hmmm yeah, judging by the price tag…you better work bitch!

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