Celebrate Black Friday Everyday

The infamous ‘Black Friday’ comes only but once a year, the friday after American Thanksgiving. The unofficial holiday (although it’s official in California) gained its name in Philidelphia in 1961 because of how heavy traffic was. The meaning later changed to mean the transition of retailers going from “in the red” (operating at a financial loss) to “in the black” (turning a profit). However, the term “black” is now unfortunately related to how many people die or are injured in crowds fiending for the best deal. 

Whether you’re going out and bearing the cold weather and crowds or staying in and scoping for deals online or just not participating at all. Here are some songs from bands who seem to celebrate black friday on a daily basis. 

5) Gallows- Cross of Loraine

When frontman, Toronto’s own Wade MacNeil, was asked what the dress code would be if he had to enforce one at a Gallows shows he replied with this photo:

 That will be all. 

4) The Horrors- Whole New Way 

Every member of The Horrors looks like a Tim Burton cartoon coming to life. They’re so goth in this music video that they have to wear thick black industrial sunglasses because they just hate the sun that much.

3) Savages- Shut Up

I’ve seen a decent amount of Savages videos and I don’t think I’ve seen one member wear colour (besides the odd blue or red which we all know are the most goth of the colours) or smile. That’s dedication. Also, that monologue at the beginning sounds like some modern day Edgar Allan Poe type shit. 

2) Cold Cave- Love Comes Close

I strongly believe that like the mythical basilisk, Wesley Eisold (the brains behind Cold Cave) could kill you with a single glance into his dark eyes. This is why he always hides them with bangs and/or sunglasses. I have yet to test out this theory.

1) Johnny Cash- Man in Black

I feel as though it would be almost sacrilagious to conclude this list without at least one song from Johnny Cash. He is the king of black-on-black-on-black aficionados. Cash explains why one would dress like a there’s a funeral day in and day out quite eloquently in this anthem for goths everywhere.


Stay safe on your Black Friday adventures and remember black is the new black. 

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Written by ccourtois

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