NERVO Detonates The Dance Floor @ NCG

I think the title of this review sums up exactly what transpired this past weekend at New City Gas in Monreal. The lovely ladies of NERVO, alongside Michael Woods who opened for the pair earlier in the evening, hit the floor running and detonated the dance floor with their high-energy electro/prog house set. Having seen them perform on the main stage at Ultra Miami in March, watching them was really a nostalgic experience for me. Known for their love of big room electronica, the 128 foot-to-the-floor bangers were definitely expected, albeit welcomed. Usually I have a problem with artists who focus solely on big room anthems to drive their sets (It usually means a lack of creativity on their part, or a lack of transitional training), however, I came prepared to hear that sort of sound…It’s what they love making and honestly they have some amazing anthemic pieces that truly are stand alone in the genre.

Having received a call only hours before the show with the opportunity to interview NERVO on behalf on, I wanted to make sure that we discussed some of their stylistic choices when producing their original music. Ironically enough, if you have been following their NERVO Nation podcasts, the girls have gotten extremely experimental as of late, producing music that is quite left of center from their usual releases. I think one of their greatest assets, beyond having the ability to sing on their own songs, is their willingness to make music that is both versatile and commercial. Plus they have progressively hardened their sound, making their shows a very physical experience…I mean this literally of course (I have yet to see so many people attend a show at NCG, it felt like half the city was there to watch). 

The greatest moment of the night? When the girls left the booth to stand at the front of the stage and declare that this was the best set they have yet to play…You could genuinely see that they were beyond thrilled and moved to see such a positive crowd reaction! Sure, for some their mainstream sound may have been slightly disappointing, but if you are attending one of their shows, those are things you should come to expect. It needs to be said that they took advantage of the evening to drop a lot of new music as well which I definitely appreciated…Their vocal edit of their recent #1 collaboration with R3hab entitled Revolution was absolutely fantastic. Love them or hate them, they know how to put on a show.

To check out my interview with NERVO, click here! 

To see more of their music, check out their soundcloud!

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Written by ccourtois

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