Tom Daley Comes Out

Tom Daley just posted this video on his personal YouTube channel explaining the situation around his personal life.

He says he was prompted by being misquoted in an interview, and that this video of him telling the world personally would be the best way to avoid that happening again. Yet for some reason, media outlets are reporting that, “Tom Daley Is Gay!!!1!!!!!111!!!” which isn’t actually the case at all!

He says that he’s met a man who makes him feel happy and safe and that they’ve been dating for a while now, but he also says that he has dated girls before, and he’s still attracted to women. That means that, at the very least, he considers himself to be bisexual. It is important to respect someone’s identity, and reporting that Tom is gay, when he never said that or even implied it at all throughout the video is incredibly disrespectful, and not to mention just plain incorrect.

Bisexual erasure – the trend for making claims that heterosexual and homosexual are the only options, and never representing bisexual or non-binary sexual orientations at all or even claiming they don’t exist – is a massive problem within our media culture and this is just one more example of it. 

Just because he is dating a man does not mean Tom Daley is gay. If he and his boyfriend should break up and he starts dating a girl, it does not make him straight. Even if he gets married to someone, the gender of his partner does not magically shift his sexual orientation. 

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