Colour Me In Syron

Blonde bombshell Syron breaks free from her straitjacket into a colourful dance daze in her new video, “Colour Me In”.

Almost a year after releasing her banging pop piece “Here”, the South London vocalist has resurfaced back into our headphones with yet another hit dance tune. It’s clear that we are witnessing a newly transformed and revitalized Syron here. She has ditched the blonde pixie cut (did it before Miley Cyrus, by the way) for something more seductively daring, as nothing screams sexy like a fresh faux-hawk and red knee-high strapped heels.

Colourful bright lights shine on the singer as she contagiously dances her way throughout the video, creating some playful silhouettes. Followed by an addictive beat which slowly builds its way into your head bobbing that before you know it, soars into a magical realm of dance euphoria. This is definitely a tune you should pop into your pre-drink playlist as you start off the weekend with your best mates.

Her fresh electropop club vibes and soothing vocals place her along the likes of Little Boots, Jessie Ware and other UK female vocalists with a love for innovative electronic music. Including “Colour Me In”, many of her previously released singles contain some chart-listing potential, without sounding too “have I heard this before?”. Her unique style, infectious energy and undeniable talent prove that this lady is definitely someone you should be keeping an eye on in the upcoming year. 

Below I have listed some of her earlier pop gems for you guys to check out. Enjoy!

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Written by ccourtois

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