Shad wants you to “Remember 2 Remember” (Video)

Shad is back with some visuals for “Remember 2 Rememberoff his latest album Flying Colours. Directed by Justin Broadbent who describes the video as “climbing a VHS asteroid in space.” He explains that he “wanted to capture the strange notion of “remembering to remember.” Because everyone is always forgetting to forget. Just playin’. But for realz Shad is laying out truth, as usual, urging us to go back to our raw human energy and appreciate what surrounds us (he’s not talking about what you own capitalist assholes.) 

Shad Remember to Remember

With the use of layering and multiple images of the man himself, the video feels much like a faded dream of the past. With a feature from the ever dreamy Lights were taken back to a 90’s black light rave that somehow begs us to remember where we came from and carve the path yet to come. 

So there you have it kiddies Shad is laying it out on the table. Will you lilsten to his message? 

“The poor struggle with needs/The rich struggle with greed…But we all struggle for freedom/Instead of freeing each other/By letting ourselves be”

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Written by ccourtois

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