Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal Presents: One Year Recap

For the first time in HHKMTL history we’ve had 12 consecutive months of events that I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of. Without the unquestionable dedication of the HHK team, these past 12 months would not have been possible. I asked the team to think back and tell me their most memorable moments they’ve had over the past year.

Cee: Man, it’s been a crazy year. Every event over the past twelve months has honestly had its fair share of highlights – from the jam packed collab with Festival Hip Hop de Montreal in April, the star-studded Just For Laughs event in July, to the fun events with both McGill and Concordia over the summer. But for me, the true soul of HHK is seeing great people truly find themselves on our stage. Two particular moments stand out – the homie Boih delivered my personal favorite performance of the year with 2Chainz’ Birthday Song” and Danny Brown’s “Dip”. I ain’t even into the trap stuff but this dude is slowing helping me come around (pause) lol. The former was the single most #TURNT live experience I’ve ever witnessed, and the second was the first ever stage dive/crowd surf at HHK. THIS is how shows are supposed to go down! Can’t wait to see what the next 365 are gonna bring.

Tiffany: Looking back on the year, the favourite moments of my personal HHK experience have transpired outside of the actual event night. My favourite moments are the ones I have with performers, the people who would have otherwise been strangers to me had it not been for HHK. Whether I see them at Le Belmont, Osheaga, a bar, or a simple run in on the street, we always have that “knowing-look” that we’re part of something truly special. The vibe is beautiful. Together we’ve built a positive community that has impacted each of us in our own way, and these individuals have become people I truly love and admire with all of my hip hop heart. xxo

Baby J :A year has passed and my life has changed drastically, i have become a better version of my self and I have HHKMTL to thank for that. A born and raised Torontonian, I’ve always felt a little out of place in Montreal, until i became apart of something that would influence and inspire my life in more ways then one.  I have formed a unique relationship with each and every organizer, performer, and supporter that i’ve met throughout our event giving me the opportunity to experience life from many different perspectives. The most memorable moments from this year would have to be our weekly team meetings, where we goof around, tell stupid jokes, reminisce on past performances, share our love and passion for hip hop, and work hard on making this event better and better every time.

O-Swag: HHKMTL is the best event in the history of the world. We all know that. With so many memorable moments this year, it’s hard to pick just one that encompasses the true spirit of our event, but my personal magical HHK moment of 2013 was our post-1 year celebration in the basement of the Belmont. After we successfully pulled off our 12th consecutive event, the team (and some of our local legends) regrouped and popped some much deserved bubbly. This moment sparked excitement and pride for me, and even brought some of us to tears. Behind all the bling, the rough beats, the showmanship and the trophies is a tightly-knit community and family, brought together but no more than a shared love for hip hop. I’m so proud to be a contributor and organizer of this part of Montreal nightlife culture and to have shared the past year with my immediate HHK Family: Baby J, Tiff, Cee, 80, Deprisk, Mo, Shashu, Deesh, Midas, Enzo, Brooke and Alex. Happy New Year! SEE Y’ALL AT BLIZZARTS!!!!!!!!!

Deprisk: We made it! Looking back on the past 50+ weeks of HHK, I’m easily lost in the insurmountably large bank of memories I’ve accumulated. What I erroneously assumed would become a leisurely endeavor the first time I performed over 2 years ago has gradually blossomed into a full time passion project. The past 12 consecutive rounds of HHK have introduced me to a plethora of beloved characters and a world of blissful emotions. It’s been an incredible journey with countless moments that I’ll never forget. From the first round I worked on in 2012, to the MTL Hip Hop Festival, the Just For Laughs edition, to our collaborations with McGill and Concordia. It’s been a pleasure working with Alex, Brooke, Alain, Sheena, Matt, Dave, Todd, Evan, DShade, Midas, Nik, Shashu, the entire team and everyone else who has helped along the way. Undying love to the 100+ performers who have raised the bar this year and the supportive crowd that makes it all possible; I’m glad to count so many of you as good friends. Here’s to the next 12 rounds!

Momo: There’s been so many legendary moments; first-time performers turning into stars or certified legends taking it to the next level with new costumes and choreographies. Just browsing through our Youtube channel you’re looking at a treasure trove of golden moments. I just love seeing new faces walk off the stage after their first performance with their swag meter going through the roof. Off the top, a few come to mind: JR and Farm Dogg doing “I’m On A Boat”, newcomer Lyne belting out Faith Evan‘s chorus on “I’ll Be Missing You”, or the homie Chukko Luxx rocking Redman‘s “Pick It Up”. And the best is still yet to come…

80: How do I describe what it’s like to be part of an event that has changed the very foundation of the word karaoke? You can’t. Being part of such an event almost feels like a waking dream. When we first took over HHK we didn’t know the extent of what we were getting ourselves into. One memorable moment I have was the first time the team got together to meet and discuss our love of HHK. Even our first group discussion felt like we’ve known each other for years. Truely the start of something great. Another moment that stood out for me was being able to perform with Dshade. I’ve always been a fan of Shades Of Culture and I’ve always considered Dshade to be an incredible artist in genral. To have been able to share the stage with him rapping Rock Co Kane flow was an HHK dream come true. Here’s to another amazing year!

There you have it folks! The team has spoken! Can’t you feel the love pouring our of those words? To celebrate an amazing year HHKMTL, in addition to our regular event, will be co-hosting a NYE party with “Get Nice”. Check out the details on our website or you can view the event pages here and here.


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Written by ccourtois

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