Three Days Grace: I Hate Everything About You

Three Days Grace came to Montreal this past Wednesday and they were nothing short of disappointing. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s the truth. The new lead vocals Matt Walst just didn’t make the cut, and I was missing Adam Gonthier.


The crowd went wild when Matt came out singing “Chalk Outline” and I didn’t understand why. The only thing I could assume is that the crowd perhaps imbibed themselves enough to think that Matt sounded good? His voice was off and his presence was lacking. He would “act” out parts of the song and it just came off awkward. And he did it so often that I wondered if maybe he should have been the deaf interpreter at Mandela’s memorial service. He would go from one side of the stage to the other without standing long enough to take a picture, and when he decided to stay even just for a moment, he would march in place. They also had the stage lights set to “blind the audience”, maybe they were trying to distract us from the terrible performance?

It was just bad. So, soooo bad. The only hope I have for Three Days Grace is that Matt is not a permanent member, and he has his own band that he’s getting back to. Best part of the show (and I’m being sarcastic) was when they had a guest/family member come on stage to perform Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff”. I was left in a state of “WTF????” It was just so random. 

My only hope now is that they find someone worthy of replacing Adam, cause if they don’t, we may have seen the last of TDG.

Huge shout out though to the opening band The Damn Truth, from Montreal. They were a pleasant surprise. Lee-La Baum’s voice was phenomenal and they rocked the stage, 7 months prego and she killed it. They gained a new fan last night and I will definitely look forward to hearing more from them.


Photo Credits:Adam/Matt, Pictures from the show Pierre Olivier Adam’s Facebook,

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Written by ccourtois

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