BENJ, SHERRBOY and RAGERS… all at one party

The end of year party from the Computation Arts Concordia Student Association, CACTUS for short, has been organized for today and features an exciting line-up of Montreal favorites as headliners: BenjSherrboy and Ragers. It’s been quite the year for the three who have all begun to stand out as part of the upcoming wave of talented young musicians coming out of Montreal; I’m excited to see what happens when they come together for a performance.

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Earlier this year the Ragers DJ collective performed in front of sold out shows with Dub FX at Le Belmont and with Boyz Noize at Kill Halloween. Skull masks and hard hitting trap music is a signature of theirs, as demonstrated by their performance on Halloween.

It’ll be interesting to see the progression that Sherrboy and Benj have made performing live over the course of the year. Both released debut albums – Sherrboy‘s titled Holla at Sherrboy and Benj‘s titled The Rooftop. Benj also released a music video for his single “P.B.J” filmed on his rooftop in Montreal. Sherrboy‘s productions, mainly consisting of hyphy trap music with a major hiphop influence, will compliment the music played by the Ragers; Benj is more of an anomaly. He brings experience from beat boxing in Efussion A Cappella, singing, songwriting, rapping and most recently a resident Sucka Free DJ. We’ll find out today what style of music he goes with and whether he’ll be singing, rapping or playing a DJ set. I’m expecting to see the Sucka Free Fam wyling out in the front row for this set.

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