Artists to Watch in 2014

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. What is on sight for 2014 ?

5. London Grammar

This British trio sounds like a mixture between Lana Del Rey, the xx and Florence and the Machine. Also all three band members are extremely good looking — a foolproof recipe for success. The band released their debut album If You Wait this past September and garnered critical acclaim. They are headlining a major world tour for most of this year, so it’s safe to say they will become a household name in the near future. You can catch them April 7th in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theatre or April 9th in New York at Irving Plaza. 


4. Grimes

If you know anything about music, you have probably heard the name Grimes. Her third album, Visions, became immensely popular last year and for good reason. The electropop musician is currently recording her next album and she just announced via a tumblr post that she is signed with Jay-z‘s recording label Rocnation. This could lead to some interesting and likely exciting changes in her sound. 


3. Pup

If you like music that makes you feel like you hae just chugged an energy drink, Toronto natives’ Pup hard-hitting punk is for you. Every track on their debut album released last October is a livewire with catchy hooks and singalong choruses. 2013 was a big year for the band and 2014 will be even bigger with a sound this raw and energetic. You can catch the band in their hometown at The Garrison on January 31st before they head across the pond to play some headlining shows in Europe.  


2. Drowners

Drowners have not released an LP yet but have gained buzz online due to popular male model, Matt Hitt’s membership in the band. But don’t let their reason for fame sway your opinion of them, they are a perfect combination of surf-rock and pop that you can bop your head to. Their much anticipated debut album is set to drop very shortly, so you should probably pre-order it and be the first of your friends to have it before the band really blows up. 


1. Willow Smith

Yes, you have heard “Whip My Hair” play countless times, but the spawn of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has grown up and has a more mature sound and apparently a British accent. She will be turning 14 this year, but her talent is way beyond her years. Willow is the next generation and the future looks bright. Check out her performance of her  song “Summer Fling” on the Queen Latifah show that features a futuristic cloud and water backdrop. Dare you to not be singing along by the second chorus. 

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Written by ccourtois

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