Athena Says: Get Out cha’ Own Way

Montreal based musician Athena Holmes wants to inspiring you “to be the change you want to see” through her song “Get Out cha’ Own Way”. She has wrapped up a music video for the track with videographer Rob Lobel and director Nisha Platzer. With a lovely team on board, Athena is set to be propelled further into the spotlight and rightfully so.

She is a self-taught musician who can navigate around the bass, drums and guitar. Top that off with some of the most crisp jazz influenced vocals full of soul and a unique blend of folk-rock/bluesy musicality, and you’ll see (well, hear) why she was mentioned as singer/songwriter in Montreal’s Mirror “Best of Montreal” in 2010. You’ve also got to love her hair, but that’s just a bonus.

We can’t all marry this one, but we can definitely enjoy her art. Here’s a teaser for the upcoming video, out next friday @ 5pm PST.

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Written by ccourtois

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