Crowdsource your way into Toolroom Records

Toolroom Records, the powerhouse music label, recently celebrated their tenth year anniversary of operations. It’s no surprise that the label, based in the UK, has been growing in popularity over these years and now caters to an international community of dance music fanatics. For starters, the label is headed by Grammy nominated producer Mark Knight. He’s becoming world renowned himself after his release of “Your Love”, among others.

Toolroom, more importantly, is effective at exposing artists that release songs on the label. The labels’ A/R team update a top 10 chart with new releases from upcoming artists who are about to break out. Similarly, Toolroom facilitates artists collaborating on songs and remixing each other’s work.  

Toolroom Records is starting a new chapter beginning this year by crowdsourcing their demo submissions and A&R process in the most transparent and interactive way. Demos are now being handled entirely on, where new talented producers have a chance to break out by submitting their original work to Toolroom’s official chart. Every two weeks the Toolroom A&R team will be providing feedback to the top trending tracks in the chart. Mark Knight commented for the press release that:

“We’re really excited to be opening up our demo submissions to the crowd with this campaign, 

as we’ve been receiving a ton of promos over the past few years. This campaign will give our 

team clear interaction with our fanbase of DJs/producers around the world, and will give our 

A&R team a fun way to find the underground talent we’ve been looking for.” 

To all aspiring producers, DJs, and Toolroom fans – new artists are getting noticed on this chart.

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Written by ccourtois

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