#MusicMonday: I Can Show You The World

As the escape-to-a-tropical-destination season starts in the frozen tundra that is the Northeast, an infinite number of us won’t be part of this exclusive group. Rather, we’re stuck in front of our computer screens in class reading about the best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes (really, Sandra Bullock?) or reminiscing over the regrets of the past weekend that you may or may not remember (but will never be able to justify…)

It’s Monday. So, let’s just get this week started – here are five songs from ‘round the world that you should’ve heard by now:

Step Out – Jose Gonzalez (Sweden)

You want an epic song for your wanderlust fantasies? This would be it. Featured on the The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack with 2 original songs, one John Lennon cover and 2 original songs with his previous band, Junip, Jose Gonzalez brings a dreamlike and heroic quality to an already cinematographically beautiful film.


Soosh “Always” (Shigeto’s What We’ve Been Thru Redux) (US) 

This track is all about the percussions – as Shigeto has always been. There are quite a few elements to the remix, but what’s most notable about it is the air of nonchalance and effortlessness it presents. 


Intro (Sexual) – Kartell (France) 

Reason #963 to go to France: This deep and sensual, RnB-infused French House track leads into the newly released Sapphire EP by Kartell. No wonder Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. 


001 – Howls (Australia) 

A more trap-emphasized production than his previous work, Ta-ku works alongside Kit Pop in creating a mildly dark, fun, and Ryan Hemsworth-esque first track with promise of more to come. 


Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke Remix) – Foxes (France) 

Let this track play as you get up in the morning and I guarantee you’ll be awake by the end of it. The original song, which is amazing in its own right, gets an energetic boost from Fred Falke in this bass-filled, indie dance, nu-disco remix. 


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Written by ccourtois

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