Eternal Summers release new one titled ‘Gouge’


Nicole Yun and Co. are back with a brand new single called “Gouge.” The single is the first off of their new album entitled The Drop Beneath and is set to be released under Brooklyn’s Kanine Records. For those who don’t know, Kanine Records houses notable acts such as Chairlift, Surfer Blood, Braids and Grizzly Bear.

The song is much darker than what the Virginia based trio gave us on their 2012 release Correct Behavior. Think less “Wonder” and more “Good As You” with a lot more reverb…and possibly sadness (?) Despite all of this, “Gouge” is still chock full of sweet guitar riffs and soothing vocals; the reason I (and probably you too) fell in love with Eternal Summers in the first place. Who would’ve thought such a great song would start with lyrics such as “gouge my eyes out”?

Correct Behavior Cover


The release of this single raises one important question: Will we be getting more of  the clichéd “melancholy indie rock” or is this single just a one-off, with Eternal Summers sticking to what brought them to the dance ( a la “Millions”). Personally, I’m hoping for the latter.

Despite what I may think, it’s really too early to call. The Drop Beneath is scheduled for a March 4th release date. That’s more than enough time to release another single or two (which I’m really hoping for). One thing for sure, we’ll be hearing a lot more Eternal Summers related news from now up until their album release.

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Written by ccourtois

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