Foster The People To Release New Album

Foster The People‘s 2011 Torches had a long reach: this surprise collection of infectious synth-pop hymns were nothing to get over soon. If “Helena Beat”, “Pumped Up Kicks”, “Call It What You Want” and ”Don’t Stop (Colour on the Walls)” still make way into up-beat playlist, songs like “Miss You” or “Life On The Nickle” proved the band to be capable of more than simple feel-good pop hymns. 

Mark Foster high-pitched diction and sing-along chorus return in a new song, “Coming Of Age” out of forthcoming and strangely album Supermodel announced for March 18. According to the band leader, this new record was inspired by The Clash, The Kinks, West African music and David Bowie. Stream the song below through VEVO

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Written by ccourtois

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