Violent Video Games Teach Ethics

Over the years, people have been questioning the effect that violent video games have on their users –– especially those of the younger demographic.  In light of this, a Norwegian secondary school teacher from Bergan, Norway is being praised for his use of The Walking Dead video game as a medium to teach his Ethics and Religious Studies class

In professor Tobias Staaby’s words, The Walking Dead presents some dilemmas [the students] would not have thought of otherwise.”

Although games have been used in classrooms before as a means to educate, The Walking Dead has a ESRB rating of M 17+ and is far from the typical “educational” game you would find in any classroom setting. 

Professor Staaby’s action is a step in the right direction in discourse about the effect of video games. Hopefully, it will help stop the constant persecution these games receive as a scapegoat for violent behaviour.

Source: Cover Photo, ESRB, Reality vs Fantasy, Not Bad Meme

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Written by danayc

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