Want to Kill 5 Minutes? Enjoy The Very Best of Fox “News”

10. Bill Nye The Science Guy breaks down a “martian mystery rock”.

9. Fox & Friends Co-Host Brian Kilmeade whips a ball at a todllers head on live TV.

 8. Megyn Kelly Loses It… 

7.And then farts on live T.V… 

6. “You grew up on tacos, correct?”

5. Fox News Hannity bitchslapped by an atheist.


 4. Fox News runs gay kiss above a story about traditional marriage.

3.Rap is such a complicated form of music… Yep. 

2. Bill O’Reilly run’s this power point, without the intention of being ironic.

1.Fox News In State of Shock when Obama wins the election… They were most likely drunk.

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