#MusicMonday: Repeat Offenders

Here’s to another Monday. It’s actually incredible how much can happen over a period of 3 days. Sometimes, just when you’ve reinstated your faith in humanity, you find stories that make you question why people actually exist. Here’s some news from over the weekend: A girl got murdered over a photobomb… in California (can I say I’m surprised?), a 5-month pregnant woman was pulled off life support, and Taylor Swift was deemed classically beautiful at The Grammys. (Oh, and Pharrell‘s Hat, anyone?) 

pharrell's hat grammys

In the world of Soundcloud, artists have taken to making the most of the new year and posting fountains of new music. Whether they’re unloading old music or proudly displaying their newest tracks, it’s a constant flow of tracks from day to day. Here are some artists we’ve posted about before, and in terms of repeat offences, their only crime is producing insane music. 

Rain Showers (The Dutch) – Moods

Like I’m On Fire (Kartell Remix) – Karma Kid

Triple J October 2013 Residency Week 1 Mix – Motez

All That She Wants ft. SYF & Fritz Helder (Human Life Remix) – Yolanda Be Cool

 Baby F-16 (Cause & Affect Remix) – Panteros666


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Written by zoechou

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